Every construction company in Sri Lanka, actively buying Hilti products within a 12 month period gets a Hilti Account Manager for FREE

In your market you are so used to buying from a shop/re-seller around the corner, you have been doing it for years. Now you need to ask the question is your business ready for more professional services at your construction site or office? Is it time for you to get a handle on your day to day costs of procuring power tools, drill bits, abrasive discs, chisels and anchors?

Do you fully understand the costs of adhoc retail buying without fully matching the right product to your job applications & bulk buying needs & getting after market services?  Its time to start your journey with Hilti and stop retail/re-seller adhoc buying and products that do not match your application needs on the job site.

A Hilti Account Manager is somebody who can partner with you and provide the following services for FREE.

• Understand your applications on-site to make sure you are buying the right product for your current job & business requirements
• Assist with the quantities calculation of inserts, abrasive discs, anchors you would need for your project
• Follow up on your behalf the status of your quote/invoice or deliveries including your tool repair stage
• Do product demonstrations on your job site before you buy the product
• Product training's on how to use the product for your workers especially if they have never used this tool, insert or anchor system before such as a Diamond Coring Rig.
• Provide all the technical information for that product, material safety datasheets, operating instruction manuals including explaining the documents
• Pull out testing for structural anchor applications where Hilti anchor's were used

Start buying from Hilti today and get a dedicated account manager assigned to partner with you and your business, lets start with a product demonstration BOOK HERE.