Business and legal                                                                                                                

Name of the company : Hunter and company PLC                                                        

Business registration number : PQ 226

VAT registration number : 104005330-7000                                                        

Place of business : No. 207, Nawala Road, Nugegoda.

How we can help your business

Having smooth and trouble free operation is more important today’s competitive and dynamic market place. We take the responsibility to enable

our clients to have trouble free operation in their day to day business. We ensure the trouble free operation in numerous ways.

Our services allow you to work around the clock and our services are available 24x7.

We provide technical advice for you to find the right solutions; our team is smart enough to guide you in finding the right solutions. You can highly depend on them.

We have a sound customer care function. We get regular feedback from our clients. We immediately act upon any complaints. Responsiveness is the critical value we share and live by.

Your convenient is our priority. We can customize our services according to your requirement. We share our knowledge with our clients with the view to improve their productivity.

We simply offer the best solutions. Our concern is long term. We treat our clients as our strategic partners. We always consider sustainability as a crucial factor in business.
We are dedicated to find the mutually beneficial solutions to all the disputes.