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Corded SDS Plus Rotary Hammer TE 1

Rotary hammer TE 1
For light-duty drilling with high performance

Angle Grinder AG 115-D

Angle Grinder AG 115-8D

Cutting and grinding metals

Angle Grinder AG 115-S

Angle Grinder AG 115-8S
Cutting and Grinding Metals

Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammer TE 2-A 22 Volts

Cordless Rotary Hammer TE 2-A
22 Volt rotary hammer

Hammer drill bits TE-C

Hammer drill bits TE-C
Drilling holes for metal and plastic anchors

Cutting discs

Cutting Discs AC-D
Cutting steel and stainless steel pipes, rods, profiles and metal sheets